Nothing going on here, just taking over the internet, that’s all…

Have you ever checked out the Kendallville, Indiana Wikipedia page? There’s some interesting stuff on there, like The Bluegrass Festival and Rep. David M. McIntosh. And…wait…what’s this?!?!

Shout out to New Guy Kevin for this idea, along with his idea for the updated scoreboard. Someone is looking to make the jump from rookie to board member. And yes, this is an open invitation to make their Wikipedia page our digit playground. Run free.

Also, unless you’re some weirdo like Marty or Cahill,  and not on Facebook. I hope you’ve changed your profile picture to the Kendallville Open VI logo. If not, here it is.  And since we’re on the topic of social media, if you are on twitter, make sure  you are following everyone, since we’ll be posting updated scores and generally talking shit through out the tournament. Here are the twitter handles I know, if you have one and I don’t know it, put it in the comments:

  • @Broshimoto – Brendan
  • @Benlaley – Ben
  • @Keithraimondi – Keith
  • @theKVilleOpen – Jeremy
  • @Mrobinson1026 – Mike R.
  • @Jharbaugh7 – White James
  • @BryceK125 – Bryce
  • @DannyDaoud – Nugget
  • @mcbsu15 – Mustang Mark
  • @chanachartc – Shane
  • @mdsutto3 – New Guy Mark
  • @TKONewsNetwork – Currently Marty, but subject to change
  • @K_sos – New Guy Kevin

Together we will own the interwebs.



4 thoughts on “Nothing going on here, just taking over the internet, that’s all…

  1. Curtis says:


    Follow me, homies. I am one step above a neanderthal when it comes to Twitter, but at least I have an account.

  2. Asian James says:

    yeah I’m with Curt on this one…I have no idea what I’m doing with tweeeter

  3. Asian James says:


  4. Indy Mark says:


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