Mark’s Bathroom

Before we get into what I think is the best work tKONN has ever done, just a little bit of house cleaning.

  • Bring $40 straight cash homie for me for your tournament entry dues. I’ll be collecting on the first tee.
  • Golf/Hotel is $248.60. You’ll pay this to the hotel.
  • For the boys leaving Chicago on the van, meet at 1200 WEST FULLERTON, CHICAGO, IL 60610 AT 7:15AM ON FRIDAY, MAY 18th, 2012. I think Greg is figuring out how much that whole things costs after the trip, so he can figure in gas.
  • The first tee time on Friday is at 1:30PM EST. You can either go check in to the hotel first or come straight to the course. I will have everyone’s golf passes already at the course.
  • Here are the room assignments, if you got a problem with this, then you have 24 hours to tell me or you can just switch keys. I couldn’t care less.
  • Jeremy / Nugget
  • Marty / Asian James
  • Indy Mark / Curt
  • Rich / Keith
  • Mundelein Mark / Greg
  • Shane / Austin
  • Bryce / Mike C.
  • Ben / Brendan
  • White James/ Mike R.
  • Kevin / New Guy Mark

With no further ado….


6 thoughts on “Mark’s Bathroom

  1. Curtis says:

    Bravo tKONN! ..midgets, circus clowns and hot blondes. The first two are much more likely than the third with this bunch.

  2. ben82law says:

    Best TKONN video yet. I’m a huge fan.

  3. Keith Raimondi says:

    Just cleaned my clubs last night but I sang a different song.

  4. Indy Mark says:

    And this is why there is nothing like tKO! Sorry for the lack of communication, gentlemen. Brendan, you’re half to blame on this though. I have been taken off the email list. And frankly, that hurts!
    Can’t wait to see you all in about 48 hours.

    • Just so you know, Indy Mark, there is no email list. In this day and age, we’ve streamlined everything to this website and our 12 twitter accounts. I highly recommend that everyone who hasn’t yet, subscribe to the site. There’s a button in the bottom right hand corner of the home page to do so. There’s a huge post coming up in the next couple days and you are going to want to see it as soon as it drops. Legend….ary.

  5. Indy Mark says:

    well i’ll be a son of a bitch. done!


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