Wally Treats

Old Man Wally sent over three boxes full of junk food, liquor, and cigars for next weekend.  By winning the match madness pool, Austin called dibs on the Bacardi, but the 5 airplane bottles of Jager are still avaliable for anyone looking to puke by the 6th hole of the scramble. Ian, I know you can’t make it, so I’ll be hoarding all the Panda Cookies, in your honor. And apparently my dad thinks we are all a bunch of pot heads, since all the cigars in the box are of blunt rolling quality.  Anyway, check out the stash.

Only a little over a week before shit hits the fan. Remember to bring your $40 straight cash (homie) for Friday’s round, my credit card is on fire from all this dope swag.  At the time of the post, the weather for next Friday looks amazing. I’m sure that will change about 50 times between now and then, but if it does, don’t tell me. Ignorance is bliss.


3 thoughts on “Wally Treats

  1. Robinson says:

    YOU DA MAN, Wally!

  2. Keith Raimondi says:

    My one TKO wish is that one day Wally makes a special guest star appearance.

  3. ben82law says:

    Calling dibs on a Black & Mild… want to relive my early college days.

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