Sit down and shut up on Greg’s bus.

Director of Transportation Greg P. has all the details locked down for the molester wagon and its journey to the Mecca. You know how to get a hold of him, do so if you have any questions. There is one rule on Greg’s bus, Greg fucking rules.

The Kendallville Party Bus has been confirmed.  The first tee time is 1:30 and the beautiful, glorious wonderland of Kendallville is 1 hour ahead.  Like the last 2 years, I’d like to go to the hotel first and then to the course.  I’m picking up the van on Thursday and the trailer on Friday morning at 7am at 1200 West Fullerton.  It would be easiest to have everyone meet there since the red, brown and purple lines are 2 blocks away.  I’d like to ask everyone to get there at 7:15, load up and get on the road by 7:30.  We are all working, fully functioning adults, but I still feel the need to say this.  BE AT 1200 WEST FULLERTON, CHICAGO, IL 60610 AT 7:15AM ON FRIDAY, MAY 18th, 2012.

It is the 15 person van, which means the 9 lucky individuals don’t have to snuggle with their neighbor.  There will be a PS2 system in the van, so dust off those old games.  Here’s the link to the website (  I’ve also included the below seating chart.  Go ahead and start to strategize on how you’re going to get the best spot.  Look to team up with someone else for proper weight distribution, i.e. Keith & Rich.  Also, if someone wants to volunteer to drive the van from the course to the hotel on Friday afternoon, please let me know.  If I’m “randomly” in White James Group, I have a bigger responsibility then driving a van.

Saturday in the van will not be as comfortable.  We’ve arraigned for a private driver from the course to the hotel on Saturday night, so we’re going to pack as many people into the van as possible.  We’re asking everyone in the van to chip in $5-$10 cash to cover the cost of the driver, well worth it.


3 thoughts on “Sit down and shut up on Greg’s bus.

  1. Jeremy says:

    Shotgun! I just checked the rule book and that is legit.

  2. Rich says:

    I’ll take position 9, so we may be weighted a little too much on the left.

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