This post is all business. Pay attention or Bryce will do this to you.

Exactly four weeks from today, Curt will crack open a fifth of Maker’s, officially kicking off the 2012 Kendallville Open. In order to ramp up the competition, the board has decided to make a couple changes to the format. Don’t worry Jeremy and Danny, there will still be a scramble and getting absolutely tanked during it will still be highly involved.

There will be no drastic changes to round one, except that foursomes will be randomly drawn and released via YouTube on Friday morning. I’ll make sure it drops while the Chicago guys are in the Sprinter. If you need the cables to hook your phone up to the TVs, let me know. I’m 100% serious about that. As tradition, White James, you’ll be teeing off first. Hopefully you’ll be so nervous that you almost miss the ball completely like Mike R. and I did last year. Anyone else joining him in group 1 on Friday, your goal is to get him completely wasted. We can’t have him shooting a 74 at Cobblestone and taking all the competition out of the tournament on day one. Shane and Greg don’t be surprised when you end up with him. DON’T LET US DOWN.

Saturday morning is going to play out a little differently, last year’s round two was mostly everyone being hungover and looking forward to the scramble in the afternoon. I don’t see that changing at all, but maybe this will add something to the competitive aspect. Or not. This year round two will be a team event. Based off of you first round scores players #1 and #20 will face off against players #10 and #11 in a match play event. Here are the match ups:

#1 & #20 (aka Danny) vs #10 & #11

#2 & #19 vs #9 & #12

#3 & #18 vs #8 & #13

#4 & #17 vs #7 & #14

#5 & #16 vs #6 & #15

All players will play their own ball and the team with the combined lowest score winning the hole. For example, #1 gets a 4 and Danny gets a 12 and #10 and #11 both get 6’s, the team 10/11 win the hole. The team with the most amount of holes won will receive some frosty treats on the 18th green. You have to play out all 18 holes, even if you’ve closed out your opponent, because this round’s score counts towards the overall total. For the sake of time, all ties will stand and frosty treats will have to be shared.

The scramble is going to remain pretty much the same except that instead of the top 5 players after two rounds being captain, this year it’s going to be the bottom 5 players. So Danny, Keith, Jeremy, Bryce, Mundelein Mark, you better start doing your research!  (Whiskey) Shoots fired! Remember you have to use everyone’s drive and putt at least once on each side. And if your team is over par (I’m talking to you, Bryce, Mike R., Ian (RIP), and Keith) than you are awful.

Just like last year, Championship Sunday will be played in flights based off your round one and two scores. Bottom four going out first, and so on, with the Final Foursome and the Sunday Cart finishing up. Lowest round three score wins the flight and the pint glass. Lowest overall score for all three rounds wins the RDGC Cup. And the lowest score in relation to handicap for all three rounds will win the Bixler Plaque as well as the Bixler Blazer, which will be order to fit.

If you are smart, you’ll spend these last few weeks getting in some practice rounds, shooting 120’s, and launching your handicap through the stratosphere, like I’ve been doing. See you boys in exactly 4 weeks. Game. On.


8 thoughts on “This post is all business. Pay attention or Bryce will do this to you.

  1. White James says:

    I would welcome Greg and/or Shane into Group #1, but I thought you said it was a “random” draw Brendan?

  2. Jeremy says:

    I take issue with the drawing. Smurfette is clearly up 1-0 in the series. That needs to be noted somewhere.

  3. ben82law says:

    That is the greatest MSpaint-job of life. T-shirts please.

  4. ben82law says:

    I SWAG and SURF… Then SMASH some SMURFS

    Lil Wayne Flow

  5. arab says:

    First my wings lose, then I’m the worst golfer. That’s it I’m going to Vegas in July

  6. Anonymous says:

    @arab there is always next year for the wings but you’ll still be the worst golfer.

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