BOSS (wo)MAN!!!!

Congrats to Boss Man for correctly picking three of the Final Four teams, both teams in the championship game, and the eventually winner! I will leave out the part about his picking against his beloved Alma Mater, like a Judas. [Side note: You disgust me, Austin.] This means there will be an ice cold case of the Silver Bullets waiting for you at Cobblestone on Friday. Nice try by the new guy, Kevin, coming in second and Mike C. sneaking in third. You win ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

There have been a few updates to the site. Current handicaps were added to the “players” page, remember to keep entering those in to as you squeeze in your last couple warm up rounds.  The “history” page was updated with White James’s ugly mug and some more pictures of Mike R. looking like an asshole. The Cahill Sports Book & Casino is currently working on updated odds for the “tournament info” page, so look for those to go up soon. And a few of the changes we have planned to the format, purse, and prizes are all listed on the “rules & regulations” page. More specific format details for rounds two and three will be posted when I can get Mike R. to throw together another one of his MS Paint masterpieces.

As you settle in for this glorious Masters weekend, remember the real tradition unlike any other is in….


4 thoughts on “BOSS (wo)MAN!!!!

  1. Robinson says:

    Austin makes a pretty hot black chick.

  2. arab machine says:

    I think I’m the only one who can’t golf bc of no car

  3. Anonymous says:

    @ arab machine you couldn’t golf WITH a car!

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