Never Forget


Everything has finally been confirmed with Kim over at the Best Western, tKOVI schwag has been arriving at tKO Headquarters by the boatload and Transportation Director Greg should be hard at work locking down the Sprinter. In case you need to know the exact tee times, so you can match your outfit with the sun’s position in the sky, here you go:

Friday – Cobblestone – 1:30, 1:38, 1:46, 1:54, 2:02

Saturday morning – Glendarin Hills – 8:00, 8:08, 8:16, 8:24, 8:32

Saturday afternoon – Glendarin Hills – 2:30, 2:38, 2:46, 2:54, 3:02

Sunday – Noble Hawk – 7:52, 8:00, 8:08, 8:16, 8:24

You might have noticed we put a little more time between the morning and afternoon rounds on Saturday. Hopefully this will provide enough time to conduct a proper draft with Shane being picked last, of course. And yes that 7:52 tee time is going to be brutal, especially after the Saturday Scramble, but there’s an easy fix to that. Don’t suck and have to play in the 5th flight. We’ll be unveiling some of the changes to the format in the next couple weeks, but in the mean time remember to keep entering those scores in

Unfortunately it can’t all be rainbows and sailboats, while we’re extremely excited to bring Kevin and (another) Mark on board for the VI, it breaks all our hearts to officially bid adieu to cornerstones Brooks and Ian. Gone but not forgotten, my brothers. The Kendallville Open is more than just a golf tournament, it is a family. And we look after our own. Brooks and Ian, you will be truly missed.


3 thoughts on “Never Forget

  1. irs shorts says:


    Could not be more pleased with the video.

    I hope you find a way to expand the field in 2013, as I’ll be back in full swing.

    New gents – represent to the fullest. I wish you all the best.

    Oh, and that the first time I’ve felt girl emotion since the birth of my children.



  2. arab machine says:


  3. Curtis says:

    Everybody, please remember to say special Blumpkin today on behalf of our fallen. Championship Sunday will not be the same this year without our Tier III moral compass.

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