101 days and counting…

The boys from the Kendallville Open News Network are back at it, with the first commercial hitting the airwaves on Super Bowl Sunday.  This must have cost them a pretty penny.  Money well spent if you ask me.

If you aren’t already following @tKONewsNetwork on Twitter, then do so immediately for your most up to date Kendallville Open news.  Also, make sure to subscribe to the website, because we’ll be breaking all things Kendallville plus the new and exciting changes planned for this year’s Kendallville Open.

In other news, Bryce and I have been hard at work on the Bixler, which will accompany the Bixler Blazer for the handicapped tournament champion.  Don’t let Bryce’s tight red pants from tKOV fool you, that’s a man’s man.

So far we’ve filled 13 of the 20 spots available for this year’s tournament.  Confirmed participants are:  White James, Mike R, Greg, Jeremy, Marty, Ben, Mundelein Mustang Mark, Shane, Keith, Bryce, Danny, Asian James and myself.

If you haven’t responded on the site, please do so by February 17th.  We need to lock in the dates/tee times with the hotel and courses, plus get started on some of the new tKO schwag we got coming out this year.  Still waiting for responses from the following guys:

The Indy Boys (Cahill, Curt, Mark) – Do they not have computers in Indiana or something?

Brooks – Did Whitney finally find your secret golf bank account?

Rich – As our most senior player, I’ll understand if you aren’t very familiar how to use one of these computer thingamabobbers.

Austin – I know you are looking for any reason to get out of Ohio for a weekend.  Get on it.

Mark S. – Not a very good impression you are making, New Guy.  Keep it up and I’ll make sure you get paired with Shane for the scramble.  You don’t want that.

It’s with a very heavy heart that I have to say that Ian is out this year.  This year’s tKO will be played in his memory.  We’ll always love you, Blumpkin.

Ian “Blumpkin” S.



One thought on “101 days and counting…

  1. Ian says:

    Gents, much appreciated. Expect me back next year with a revamped swing and a caddie who doesn’t rat me out. Additionally, I will be throwing down a loop in Punta Cana during the same weekend. Count it if you wish. -IRS

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