An open letter from the commissioner….

To the some finest gentlemen I’ve ever had the pleasure of blacking out on Jeremiah Weed with,

I just wanted to put up a quick post to thank all of you for what I feel was an exceptionally remarkable Kendallville Open.  The Vice-Commissioner and I spent months planning the V with hopes of only approximating the success we had last year.  While the tension would be impossible to duplicate (thanks again, White James), I can confidently say that tKO V exceeded every single one of my extremely high expectations.  I’d especially like to thank Mike R., as many of the improvements we made this year were his ideas and I was only the facilitator.  As I’m sure you all know, the entire board put in countless hours of preparation and planning to make this tournament run as smoothly as we possibly could, and I think I’m speaking for everyone on the board in saying that everyone’s enthusiasm towards the entire weekend was extremely appreciated and made all the hard work worth it.

All that said, don’t think that we are not already thinking of ways to improve for next year.  Like the a perfect round, a perfect tKO can never be achieved, only strived for, and every year we learn from our mistakes in order to make next year’s event the best one to date.  Mike R. and I have already started discussing ways to improve tKO, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Just a little house cleaning:

– I know some of you were a little concerned about your names being attached to tKO, more specifically some of the less politically correct posts/comments/videos that are on the site.  I’ve combed through the site and removed everyone’s last names, in an attempt to keep this from popping up when someone googles your name.  As far as I know, any pictures that include your name will not show up in google, but Mundelein Mark and Ben will have to back me up on that.  So the site should be pretty clean as far as names go, but if there’s something else you’d like removed or censored, don’t hesitate to let me know.  As far as passwording the site, I have no clue how to do that, plus it would make the website kind of hard for all of our adoring fans to access.  You think I’m joking…I am not.  However, if it’s really going to be an issue, and I understand if it is, let me know and I can talk to someone about making the site more secure.

– Pictures/Videos.  There were about 500 cameras out there this weekend, so this could be kind of difficult.  However, I’d love to get everyone’s pictures and videos for the website and whenever I get around to this year’s video.  You can either post them to one of those online galleries and make them downloadable.  Or you can put them on a flash drive and mail it to me (email me for my address), this is probably the best case for those of you with Flip Cams.  But send me whatever you guys have, be it from your phones, cameras, camcorders, flip cams or whatever.  Once I get all the footage/pictures, I’ll get started on the video.  Don’t get too excited though, this one is probably going to take me a while.  Like even longer than Bryce standing over the ball with his 50 re-grips Sergio Garcia style.

– Lost & Found.  Rich lost his bad ass lighter and cigar box, so if anyone comes across that, please let him know.  Rich, you might want to give Glen Darin Hills a call. We’ve left shit out there before and they’ve held on to it for us.  Maybe they can mail it to you or something?  It’s worth a shot, that blowtorch you had was bad ass.  I also have 2 extra tKO towels, did anyone forget/lose theirs?  I’ll be happy to mail those back to you.

– Chicago boys, the final tally for the van/U-Haul/gas added up to be $80 a person.  Please get this to me sooner, rather than later as my credit card is currently on fire.  You can mail me a check, pay pal me, use that Chase Person to Person thing, or whatever, the only thing I ask is that you do not give it to me in cash when I’m at a bar, as I will buy a case of Jeremiah Weed without thinking twice.  Seriously, get me that $80, I’ll be your best friend.

Well boys, that’s about all I got.  I try to get the stats/results updated on the site as soon as I can get around to it and I’ll occasionally post things that I think might be worth your time, so if you haven’t yet, subscribe to the site.

Again, I can’t thank you guys enough.  I had an absolute blast putting this whole thing together and couldn’t be happier with the results.  I especially want to thank Mike R., Mike C., tKONN, the Indy Boys, Ian, Jeremy, WJ, Bryce, and Keith for all their contributions in making this the best tKO yet.  And congrats again to White James, as well as flight winners Curt, Greg, The Marks, and 2011 BMFD Bryce.

Until next year, fairways and greens.

Brendan Y., tKO Commissioner

Oh yeah.

And I hope you all noticed the countdown clock as been updated. May 18th-20th, 2012, it’s so on.  Winner, winner, Ra!mond! Dinner!!!!!


2 thoughts on “An open letter from the commissioner….

  1. arab says:

    Thanks again. For all u did. As a rookie it was one of the best weekends I’ve had

  2. Robinson says:

    Brendan deserves all the credit, he spent about 900 more hours on this than I did.

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