All Hail King James…

Well played, boys.  I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  Here’s your final updated leaderboard.


13 thoughts on “All Hail King James…

  1. Chanachart says:

    Great time guys! And a huge thanks to Our founders for putting together another great tourney. Definetly worth the trip even though it’s 11pm and I’m still stuck at Ohare!

    At least I have all our videos to keep me entertained! “I’m so pretty”…

  2. arab says:

    Wait I didn’t come in last

  3. Indy Mark says:

    Awesome time. Thanks so much to the Founding Fathers.

    I do want to point out how, as predicted in the creepy video, Team Indy dominated the leader board!

  4. White James says:

    Thanks again to the organizing committee. I think we should bake in to the entrance fee a few bucks from everyone for booze for them next year.

    Also, I was just out to exorcise some demons this year. Next year I will return to my choking ways. Can’t wait til next year.

  5. Bobby Jones/Ricky Fowler/Pink says:

    Great job Founding Fathers!! Also tell your wives/girlfriends “Thanks” for allowing you to use up every minute of your free time to put this tournament on!

    This outing gave me the will to live for the last few months. Now have absolutely nothing to look forward to and may kill myself…but I saw Danny’s score and felt much better!

  6. The (former) Champ says:

    Well done, White James. I see all that voodoo I was doing while you were asleep at night didn’t really work that well.

    Congrats to Bryce for the BMFD award and a special congrats to Keith for giving me some awesome cat walk videos to keep me entertained for years to come.

    Til next year…

    • White James says:

      Mike, please don’t ever elaborate on what “voodoo” you were doing while I was asleep. I prefer not knowing…

  7. Triple Digits says:

    Thanks again to the entire Committee and congrats to all the winners. Bryce, you better share your BMFD with the Raw-era Eddie Murphy. Yosh, let me know about the Party Van tab before I spend it all this weekend at El Patron.

  8. Fantasy tKO Cheat..uh Chief says:

    Two days back from Kendallville, I miss the patio walkoffs, WWF tribute to Macho Man (can I get an OHHH YEEAAHHH Danny!) and all out debouchery implemented by all! Great job on this Yosh!

    And feeling guilty that I won the fantasy golf that I put together…I laid down $20 on tomorrow night’s Powerball – 1 ticket each for the TKO Twenty. If you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know why:)

  9. Indy Mark says:

    So I sat down to watch the Bulls game tonight…only to find that Brendon is coaching the Heat now. WTF?

  10. arab says:

    Ohhhhh yeaaaaaa

  11. Rich says:

    Great time guys! Thanks for putting it together. Brendan, let us know how much we owe you for the van. Thanks.

    Anyone grab my cigar cutter and fancy torch lighter?

  12. Keith Raimondi says:

    Does anyone else still check the site every day like I do? Sad it’s over.

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