I love fantasy anything.

I really don’t know what Austin did to make everyone hate him, but it must have been really shitty.  No one picked him to out of that group?  No one?  I mean, someone picked Danny for Christ’s sake.  Danny?!  Shit, 4 people took Keith, Mr. 144 himself.  And none of you could take Austin.  Y’all are cccoooolllldddd hearted.  And yes, I realize if I hadn’t taken myself, no one would have picked me either, but that’s besides the point.  Also, I’ve lost all respect for anyone who didn’t pick themselves in their respective group.  Except for you, Jeremy, that was probably a heads up move on your part.

Anyway, here are the teams, this shouldn’t make that 3 hour car ride awkward at all.  You might have noticed that some of you picked the same teams (Mike R./Bryce & Keith/Mary), but don’t worry, in the case of a tie, C.G.O. Mike C. has a plan.

Team Owner        A Pick                B Pick              C Pick                   D Pick

Mike R.                 Mike R.             Indy Mark            Ian                        Shane

White James       WJ                          Marty                     Ian                        Shane

Rich                           Rich                      Brooks                   Greg                      Keith

Cahill                        WJ                       Indy Mark            AJ          Mundelein Mark

Brendan                  Brendan              Curt                       Ben                        Keith

Brooks                      Robinson            Brooks                    Ian                        Jeremy

Indy Mark              Mike R.             Indy Mark             Ian          Mundelein Mark

Marty                         Rich                     Brooks                    Bryce                   Keith

Curt                        WJ                       Brooks                    Ian                        Shane

Austin                    WJ                       Brooks                    Bryce                   Shane

Bryce                    Mike R.            Indy Mark             Ian                       Shane

Ian                         Mike R.             Brooks                     Ian        Mundelein Mark

Asian James       Mike R.            Curt                         AJ                        Shane

Ben                         Mike R.           Marty                      Ben          Mundelein Mark

Shane                    Cahill                   Brooks                     Ian                      Danny

Jeremy                  WJ                       Marty                      Ben                      Shane

Greg                      Mike R.           Brooks                      Greg                   Jeremy

Keith                      Rich                     Brooks                      Bryce                 Keith

Danny                   Mike R.             Marty                      Bryce                  Shane

Mundelein Mark WJ                        Brooks                 Bryce       Mundelein Mark

Alright kids, shit gets real in 24 hours.  If you are riding to Kendallville in the Party/Rape Van, remember to be at my house at 7AM tomorrow.  Menomonee & Wells.  If you want to drop your clubs off tonight, give me a call.  Other than that, see you guys tomorrow.

Sweet dreams,

Brendan Y.

tKO Chairman & 3 time BMFD


5 thoughts on “I love fantasy anything.

  1. Greg says:

    Now I feel bad for not taking Rich, since he was the only other person to pick me.

  2. Marty says:

    The only person I don’t feel bad for is Austin. We will never forget Moley!

  3. arab says:

    I dont know anyone and their skills buy thanks got picking the Arab

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