tKONN Episode 4

Commissioner’s note:  Before we get to the final tKONN video, I got a little something for you.  My old man got pretty excited for us after I told him about the outing, so he sent along a care package for everyone to make sure we have enough snacks to get us through the weekend.  This is how Hawaiian people roll.  White James and Ian get first cracks at the booze for winning the NCAA pool (plus some extras), but anything left over for us loser is free game…until Danny kills one of us for them. Anyway check out this stash!  The best part, the booze and tobacco were packed in real peanuts in case those haters at the FDA had their dogs sniffing through it at the post office.  My dad and sister are like Tony Montana!

Apparently the boys at tKONN did not appreciate Ian and the Indy Boys trying to take their shine, because this video brings it….Austin, are you just got to sit there and let everyone take shots at you!??!  Sack up!

Lastly, if you haven’t already, get your fantasy picks into Cahill today.


11 thoughts on “tKONN Episode 4

  1. Jeremy says:

    Pat Ron! Damn!

  2. White James says:

    Big fan of your dad right now Brendan!

  3. Mole Killer says:

    Ouch! I am being demonized in these videos. Although I know Greg left out one animal for a reason…the turtle. I didn’t want to do this Pannhausen but you forced me. This is Greg when he was younger. He really liked turtles and went by the name Jonathan back then. Had to change his name to Greg because of this.

    Yosh, tell Papa Yosh good work on the snacks

  4. The Champ says:

    Yo Shane…I think you should absolutely look into a career in broadcasting. I hear networks absolutely love it when people use the same word over and over again. I mean, it’s gotta be an absolute dream of yours to be on tv, right? Absolutely? Absolutely…

    • Chanachart says:

      Absolutely! Yeah, I have a tendency to latch onto words/phrases. I’m surprised no one commented on how many times I said “at the end of the day” in episode 1. You’d think for a guy that presents for a living I’d have my stuff together. I have a feeling IRS will be co hosting future broadcasts.

  5. Marty says:

    Commish, don’t forget to bring that hash your Dad packed in ziploc bags … clutch! P.S. I miss Moley.

  6. arab says:

    Im coming strapped

  7. Greg says:

    Austin – That information was told to you in confidence!!! tKONN is a major media outlet and will use it’s power to destroy you!!!

  8. Intern says:

    Love papa yosh! Did he by chance pack any riblets?

  9. Keith Raimondi says:

    I call shotgun on the mini scotch botles since you sissie don’t even drink masculine drinks like scotch.

  10. Greg says:

    Does any one want a ‘wine on a can’ for the ride down?

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