The time has come.

On the heels KJ Choi’s Players’ Championship win this weekend, I think it’s time to announce the Team Asia reunion tour! Shane, Asian James, Jeremy, are you guys ready for another run to glory?!?!

The day Mike R. and I have been dreaming about for the last year is almost here. Friday at 1:30PM EST, we officially kick off the Kendallville Open V at beautiful Cobblestone Golf Club. I’m sure everyone is busy using these last few days to put the finishing touches on their outfits and working out the kinks on their swings. Hopefully there will be another few posts this week (tKONN, I’m looking at you), but I just wanted to post something real quick to make sure we have all our bases covered.

  • $240 – That’s what you’ll be paying the Best Western upon checking in, so don’t bring checks or cash for me.  This covers your room, golf, and breakfast.
  • $20 – Entry fee into the tournament, see the “Rules & Regulations” page for pay out break downs.  You’ll give this to me before teeing off.  Shane, don’t show off and pay with a $100 bill, I will not be giving you any change.
  • $5 – Fantasy golf dues, due to Mike C. before teeing off.  If you’re not entirely sure how the scoring works out, don’t worry, neither am I, Mike C. has it all under control.  Just give him your $5.  Speaking of which, as of Sunday night, the following people still haven’t submitted their picks:  RICH, BROOKS, ASIAN JAMES, INDY MARK, and GREG.  Get those to Mike C. @ by Wednesday.  Everyone’s fantasy team will be posted here on Thursday.
  • $18 – tKO V commemorative collectors item.  This money goes to Robinson, who’s had this charge sitting on his credit card collecting interest for a couple months now, so pay this man his money, before he takes it on out the field and wins by 15 strokes. You can pay him cash in Kendallville, but don’t expect him to give you $2 in change if you pay with a $20, he is not Danny who walks around with a stack of $1 bills just in case he needs to make it rain.  Also, you can pay him with pay pal @  Seriously, get on that.
  • BMFD voting.  You will get one vote every morning for whoever you think is the best dressed.  The only rule is that you can not vote for yourself (but please know that I fought vehemently against this).  Whoever you vote for is up to your discretion, as there are no parameters for being the “best dressed”.  However, I completely agree with all the points Greg made in tKONN episode 2.  I’ve heard through the grapevine that some of you have different outfits planned for Saturday morning and afternoon.  While there is only one vote on Saturday morning, I don’t see anything wrong with someone taking into consideration the Saturday afternoon outfits, in combination with the Sunday outfits, when voting on the final day.  In the case of a tie, executive intern Bryce suggested a walk off.  I love this idea so much, we might just do it anyway.
  • Poker chips for Friday night.  If anyone has a set of poker chips they’d like to bring, say so in the comments.  Both Cahill and I will be bringing sets, but we probably need at least one or two more.  Keith, can you bring yours?  Any more volunteers?
  • Cameras, Flip Cams, etc.  I’ll be bringing two flip cams and a nice camera to document everything this year, but it would be great if we can get one of each in every group.  That way the video won’t just be Rich and Mike R. hitting clutch shots with White James suffocating in the background the whole time.  Mike C., remember your flip cam. Bryce, can you get a hold of Lindsay’s?  Does anyone else have a video camera and regular cameras?  I’ll bring a lap top and external hard drive to upload all the video and pictures each night, but I’ll need you to bring whatever cords you need to hook it up to a Mac.
  • Things are kicking off at promptly 1:30 EST, so if possible get to Cobblestone at 12:30.  I’ll have the golf passes on me, so you won’t need to check into the hotel ahead of time, but you can if you like.  There’s actually a fair amount of stuff to do/pass out before we start, so the sooner you get there, the better.  One hour should be more than enough time to do all that, warm up, eat something, and shotgun a couple beers to settle the nerves.  If you need directions, see the “Courses” page, there’s links to each courses websites with directions.
  • CHICAGOPEEPS:  The party van is leaving my place promptly at 7:15AM CST on Friday.  I repeat, 7:15AM CST.  If you aren’t there, we will be leaving without you, so don’t be a dick and party until 6 AM and oversleep….JEREMY.  Be at Menomonee and Wells (where the Halloween trolley picked us up) by 7:00, Shane will be there to greet you with donut holes.  If you’d like, you can drop your golf bag at my place sometime this week, so you aren’t fumbling around with it on the bus on Friday morning.  I have an IPASS, but can someone bring a GPS thing in case we get turned around?  Mundelein Mark, if you bring yours, can you make sure it’s not set to only take buggy friendly roads?  Highways are our friend.  All the golf bags will be in the attached trailer, but your garment bags will be in the van, which only has storage space underneath the seats, so make sure it will fit down there.  Don’t worry about paying for that now, we’ll figure it out when we see how much we spend on gas for the whole weekend.  Again, Menomonee and Wells by 7:00 AM CST.  Do not be late, or I’m putting on the window locks and eating Taco Bell all week.  According to google maps, it’s going to take us 3 hours 15 minutes to get to the hotel, and we’ll be dragging a massive trailer so I don’t think we’ll be setting any land speed records on the way out there.  Assuming we get out of the Chi on time, we’ll still be cutting it pretty close with time, so go to the bathroom beforehand and bring some snacks, there will be minimal stops.
  • Lastly, we’re all friends here, and while tKO is a competition, golf is still a gentlemen’s game.  We’re out there to hit balls, bust each other’s ass, crush beers, and mostly importantly to have a good time.  With that said, play by the rules.  I think we set a good standard last year with the “inside the leather” gimme putt length so make sure you’re good there before you pick it up.  Play your ball as it lies, no fluffing up your ball so you can reach the green in two only to top it 20 yards.  Make sure you’re counting all your strokes correctly.  While you aren’t responsible for keeping everyone’s score, it’s up to your foursome to make sure things are accurate.  Keeping a scorecard in each cart for verifying scores is not a bad idea.  And for the sake of time, you don’t have to re-tee if you hit it out of bounds, just play it as a lateral hazard.  If you don’t know what that means, tweet Jeremy, his overall golf acumen makes him the perfect rules official.

Well that about covers it everything.  As of Monday morning, the weather looks splendid Friday and Saturday, a little dicey on Sunday, but with any luck we’re looking good. Hopefully everyone is as excited for this weekend as I am.  I can’t wait to see all your beautiful, smiling faces on Friday…and then crushing your hopes and dreams come Sunday afternoon.


Brendan Y.

Chairman – The Kendallville Open

3 Time Best Mother F*cking Dressed


14 thoughts on “The time has come.

  1. The Champ says:

    Brendan’s glory = blacking out and blowing all chances at a championship. Glory up, boy!!

  2. Chanachart says:

    Although I have no idea what kind of cords a Mac uses, I’ll have a video camera and digital camera that we can all use.

  3. arab says:

    I Can bring a camera. What’s wrong with making it rain

  4. Jeremy says:

    Brendan have you come up with Plan B for activities when we are rained out all weekend. Applebees is wonderful and all but hopefully there is more to do then that. Any indoor roller skating rinks?

  5. arab says:

    Mike we can skate for the couples just like skateworld

  6. Greg says:

    I can bring my poker set.

  7. Indy Mark says:

    My picks have been made. They’re just secret.

  8. Rich says:

    I could also bring my poker set. Do we need it? Let me know. Haven’t been in a van in a while. How much room is under the seats?

    • Jeremy says:

      Greg you still have that van you use to drive around the local elementary schools right? How many bags of candy can you keep under the seats?

  9. Keith Raimondi says:

    I can bring my poker set again. Didn’t we already pay Robinson? I know I sent him something through paypal. Was that just for the stragglers?

  10. Greg says:

    Jeremey – You know it’s not a van, but a 2003 VW Jetta?

  11. Greg and Keith, bring your poker sets. We’re good now, no need for yours, Rich.

  12. Curtis says:

    I don’t like any of my prospective fantasy choices. Can I just pick a few randoms in cut-offs at the clubhouse? I think my chances would be drastically improved.

    TKO IV Champ

    (…of the third tier)

  13. arab says:

    Does last place get their money back

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