tKO V – Friday Pairings

You have a week to figure out your groups’ deepest, darkest secrets…and exploit them for your gain.

Group 1 – Brendan, Mike R., Mike C., Brooks – The Kendallville Open V’s featured group is highlighted by four time defending champ Mike Robinson. Is this the year his reign finally comes to a merciful end? We’ll know soon enough. Mike C. was the forgotten man in the final foursome last year, but he has no such plans this year. Look for Mike C. to make his presence known, early and often. Also in this group is Brooks B., after a one year hiatus. A lot has changed in the last twelve months, Brooks. Do you think you can withstand the pressure of 19 sets of eyes staring down on you at that first tee box?

Group 2 – Indy Mark, Curt, Rich, Keith – Rich looks to prove that there’s no such thing as the Super Bowl hangover, while Keith has his set on another goal, the complete and total annihilation of Jeremy. I’m already looking forward to Keith’s icy stares at Jeremy after every jarred putt. The Indy boys, Mark and Curt, have been awfully quiet in the off-season, is it because they’ve been slaving away on the range, perfecting their game? Or are they scheming an elaborate plan to take out Austin, for trying to kill Curt, and Greg, for taking a dump on the entire state of Indiana in the last tKONN video?

Group 3 – White James, Asian James, Ian, Danny – Spartans in the house. White James has been stewing in the aftermath of tKO IV for a year, my only hope is that he doesn’t kill someone, mainly me. If my memory serves me correctly, Asian James is getting married (on a boat) pretty soon, let’s hope his head is in the right place (i.e. not thinking about getting married). Ian’s move out west has taken him closer to Hollywood, both literally and figuratively, as seen in his new short film, but can he script the perfect ending to a full length feature? Danny, in his first tKO, rounds out the 1:46 tee time. The tKO rookie will do good just to not be overwhelmed by his first experience in Kendallville, not unlike his first trip to the Champaign Room when he was 12.

Group 4 – Marty, Ben, Bryce, Jeremy – Marty’s been battling some inconsistencies in his game lately, but working hard to return to his tKO III form that saw him in the final group on Saturday. Jeremy is also battling some swing inconsistency, but only hopes to return to his Chicago apartment with the locks unchanged, as rumor has it that Cheryl was none to pleased with his guest post a couple weeks ago. Bryce and Ben look to lose their tKO virginity with each other. Don’t be afraid, guys. It’s 2011, the world accepts inter-racial couples now. And with Bryce’s full head of hair and Ben’s staggering height, you guys will make beautiful tKO babies together. In all honestly, this cart is looking to take home every long drive competition of the weekend.

Group 5 – Mundelein Mark, Shane, Greg, Austin – The Kendallville Open News Network (+ Austin) is taking their show on the road in round one. A sure to be star struck Austin will try to keep his nerves under control as he tees off with these local celebrities. According to the video, Mundelein Mark spent the entire last year draining putts at the Diversy mini-putt course. He looked automatic from 8 feet and in. Will Shane’s 18 Miller Lites during round one be in celebration of 18 solid holes or will he be drowning his sorrows? The masses are teeming with anticipation for what Best Dressed Greg steps to the first tee in, it only seems fitting for him to close down our first day of competition.


5 thoughts on “tKO V – Friday Pairings

  1. The Champ says:

    The excitement of next weekend has all of a sudden been overtaken by the sheer terror of teeing off in front of the entire tKO V field. Pressure!!

  2. Mark C says:

    Don’t be fooled by my video editing skills….there was about 50 takes for that putting segment.

  3. Greg says:

    He was 8 for 37.

  4. Indy Mark says:

    If you’re waiting to hear from the Indy crew, wait no longer than this evening. We’ve been very busy!

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