tKO NN boys, you may have met your match.  It may be short, but damn if this isn’t awesome.

My favorite part?  The multiple f-bombs in front of the baby.

Well, aren’t the Michigan State boys a bunch of one uppers?  Oh, you played golf last weekend.  Did you play Half Moon Bay?  Because White James did.

Look at that fucking place.  Is that a castle in the background?  Did White James play one of those fantasy courses from the Tiger Woods video game?  Impressive.

I need to straighten something out at the request of the board.

In the fantasy golf league, there’s the issue with the bonus 50 points awarded to the “flight winner”.  This is NOT the lowest total score for each guy in Groups A, B, C, and D.  If you remember, on Sunday, you will be grouped according to your combined score of rounds 1 and 2.  These are the flights.  Now this is where it might get a little confusing.  Who ever shoots the lowest round on Sunday (and Sunday alone) will get the Flight Champion award, however within those same flights, who ever has the lowest total score for rounds 1, 2, and 4 will be awarded the 50 bonus fantasy points.  For example, last year Rich had the lowest score at Noble Hawk, so he won his flight and would have gotten an award, if we had them last year, but Mike R. had the lowest total score for the tournament, so he would have been awarded the bonus 50 fantasy points.  Hopefully that straightened everything out.  If you need to change your picks with Mike C., then do so before next Wednesday, when everything is due.  I’ll post everyone’s fantasy team on Thursday before we leave, so you know who thinks you are a shitty golfer.


7 thoughts on “Bumpkin!

  1. The Champ says:

    That’s an SNL-quality short there, Ian.

    James, I’m pretty sure you used a green screen to make that picture. I’m not sure a place that awesome exists on earth.

  2. Hey White James, what’s the putt your standing over for? Let me guess….93? OWNED!!!

  3. White James says:

    Oh, that is just the 17th hole, I am not telling my score.

  4. arab says:

    we all know Keith’s the Shitty golfer

  5. Keith Raimondi says:

    Wow how dis I get thrown in there? We will see what goes down when the ball hits the club!

  6. Chanachart says:

    Ian, you have a standing offer to join the tKONN team. We would even lay a couple people to offer you more benefits. By benefits I mean beer

    • Tuna says:

      I’d be happy to feed you some west coast material throughout the year. Let’s talk pay and bennies next week.

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