tKONN Episode 3

Commissioner’s note:  tKONN cannot be stopped.


8 thoughts on “tKONN Episode 3

  1. I wanted to make up a reason #11, but I just couldn’t. I love Kendallville. I hope next weekend lasts forever.

  2. Keith Raimondi says:

    Nice video men! Might as well drop the BMFD trophy at my house, it’s in the bag for me! Got the last piece delivered to work today.

  3. Marty says:

    Counting Asian James and some fraction of the Commish, Shane Van Pelt is looking at about 2.5 little Chanacharts to double K-Ville’s Asian population. I’m glad I’m not his roommate.

  4. Mike says:

    Top Ten Reasons to NEVER Leave Kendallville
    10. Beautiful northern Indiana weather
    9. Cheap real estate
    8. Bragging rights, living in the city of Brad Miller
    7. #1 KFC in all of America
    6. Laverne and Shirley (and Hoss)
    5. Rainelle Silver, all-time cougar
    4. The Bestest Best Western ever
    3. Cobblestone GC, the beginning of it all
    2. Glendarrin Hills (and their lovely staff)
    1. Noble Hawk, where champions are crowned

  5. Cahill says:

    Statboy Correction: # 7 of Mike’s top 10 list – please replace KFC with Pizza Hut. We don’t want to ruin future potential sponsorships of the tKO.

  6. Ian says:

    Unreasonably loud comments at applebees

  7. arab says:

    Arabs rule

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