Fantasy Golf – tKO Style

Commissioner’s note:  CGO Mike C. chimes in this time with only the most important post in tKO history.  Just when I thought the Kendallville Open couldn’t get any better, Mike C. concocts a plan to combine it with our other passion in life, Fantasy sports!!!!  Your team is due to Mike C. by Wednesday, May 18th, as Mike C. needs to enter all the info into his spreadsheet…I’m totally serious….so email it to him, and only him, at  If you have any questions, throw them in the comments and the CGO will straighten you out, like he did to his pitching wedge at tKO II.


It’s May in Indiana, so to steal from the Indianapolis 500 tagline, the “Greatest Spectacle in … Golf” is right around the corner.  Now, similar to the Indy 500 in that only a handful of teams usually have a chance to win the race and get their picture on the Borg-Warner Trophy, we too have only a handful of players that probably have a chance to win the R.D.G.C. CUP and have their names engraved forever.  Team Penske and their most all-time winning drivers easily equates to the domination Mike R. has exhibited in the first four years of tKO.  It’s gotten more and more difficult for Mike R. to pull off the feat each year and his reign may soon be up…but he’s still the cream of the crop until someone unseats him.  Then we have White James and his “Andretti Curse”.  Leading by a large margin (10 strokes) heading into the final laps (final round), White James’ engine (need I say more) mysteriously fails and thus continues the legacy of not being able to win the big one (in all fairness, it was his first tKO).  And, like Target Chip Ganassi Racing, Rich B. has proven he can compete with the big boys with a stunning 10 shot final round comeback only to fail at the finish line.  This year Rich is will be out to prove that his tKOIV run was no fluke and take the coveted Cup.

Now after these 3, we have numerous entries that have the potential to lead a few laps and threaten to pull off the upset.  Under-funded and with flaws that have hurt them in the past, each will require a perfect weekend to have their name engraved.  Brooks B. will be making a historic return after a 1 year hiatus to rest his worn down parts (foot, back, knee – you name it).  He has the game, but will the wear and tear of this grueling test be too much?  Also, we’ve been told he has his rage under control, but only time will tell if the pressure of this monumental event will cause his gasket to blow.  Brendan Y. is a rising young gun who has shown he has the talent to win it all, but a lack of concentration has cost him too often.  In the inaugural Kendallville Open, battling neck and neck with Mike R. on the final straightaway, the Commish simply forgot that it is never a good thing to turn right.  A lost ball, a penalty stroke and dreams of winning went crashing.  Then we have last year and his infamous decision midway through the event to team up with the other Asians to battle a familiar track…never a good thing.  Day dreaming throughout the round that he was in victory circle chugging the ceremonial winner’s milk, Brendan woke up to realize he had shot-gunned 10 beers in the first 5 holes.  He never got back in contention and he’s hoping that terrible hangover doesn’t creep over to this year.  Finally, I’d put myself in this category, but truth be told I’ve really never run with the lead pack.  Like the famous AJ Foyt, my anger has gotten the best of me in the past causing me to derail.  Thanks goodness a 5-iron is much easier to break over my knee than a tire iron!

So where does that put the rest of us?  To gamble of course!  Now, we will still have poker, team rounds and flight winners.  A scramble the 2nd round on Saturday will be sure to get some money on the table.  But…we wanted more.  So this year and with the record number of entrants, we are introducing Fantasy  Golf – tKO style!  That’s right, you will now be able cheer, heckle or cheat (actually, please do not do this last one) for someone in your own foursome depending if you have them on your “fantasy team”.

The Rules:

  • Cost to play is $5 (but everyone must play)
  • Each player is grouped based on projected finish, not necessarily in order (and please don’t get pissed at these as these are a best guess and by no means indicates what I think of you as a person…plus, if you have missed a year (Brooks) it is an automatic deduction)





Rich B. Marty M. Greg P. Jeremy W.
White James Austin M. Ian S. Keith R.
Brendan Y. Brooks B. Asian James Shane C.
Mike C. Curt C. Bryce K. Mundelein Mark
Mike R. Indy Mark Ben L. Danny D.
  • You are to pick one player from each group to complete your fantasy foursome.  Creative team names are encouraged!
  • You only pick your team once and that is your team throughout the weekend
  • Each round your team will earn points depending on the finish of each of your team players that round
  • Rounds 1, 2 and 4 will be broken down as follows with 500 total points each round (ties done by adding points of those places and dividing by the number that tied)
1st Place 110 pts. 6th 24 11th 16 16th


2nd 66 7th 21 12th 15 17th 11
3rd 43 8th 20 13th 14 18th 11
4th 31 9th 19 14th 13 19th 10
5th 26 10th 18 15th 13 20th


  • Round 3 –Scramble –Total point value for this round will be 500 total points, but if you got lucky and had all four members of the winning scramble team, you could get the maximum of 240 points.  Break down:
  • ▪   Player on winning team:           60 points  (240 total)
  • ▪   Player on 2nd place team:          30 points  (120 total)
  • ▪   Player on 3rd place team:           20 points    (80 total)
  • ▪    Player on 4th place team:         10 points    (40 total)
  • ▪    Player on 5th place team:         5 points      (20 total)
  • Bonus Points  – Flight Winners (based on all 3 individual rounds) – 50 points to each flight winner
  • Overall Winner is the person with most total points…pay 1st – $60, 2nd – $30, and 3rd – $10

6 thoughts on “Fantasy Golf – tKO Style

  1. Ian says:

    This is enjoyable

  2. Jeremy says:

    Is there a gambling tab so I can see all the ways I am goIng to lose money?

  3. Keith Raimondi says:

    Math? It was my understanding that there would be no math involved in this weekend.

  4. Mike says:

    Mike really makes a great Queen.

  5. Cahill says:

    yeah, the king of clubs would have been a little more appropriate…but I’ll take what I can get.

    • Mike says:

      Sorry Mike, clubs would’ve been really hard to draw in Paint. Straight lines are a lot easier. And Brendan requested I make you a girl.

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