Yo Dawg!

So this post is strictly for the Chicago heads. I mentioned the idea of renting a van to get to Kendallville and it was surprisingly well accepted. I did a little bit of research and this is what I found. Obviously, this would have to be a unanimous decision, so I’d need everyone’s vote before we acted on anything.

Here are our two options:

1. Ford Van aka Child Molester Mobile – Seats up to 15, but very little space for bags and especially clubs. If we did this, I would probably have to borrow someone’s SUV and take everyone’s clubs down separately, which I’m fine with because I was planning on heading down earlier than everyone else to do some set up, as long as I’m not borrowing Marty’s car which only starts once a month. The rental fee for this is $610 + gas. I’m only a quarter Asian, so my math might be a little wrong here, but I’ll give it a shot anyway. This beauty gets a cool 13 miles per gallon, estimating we drive about 400 miles total (~150 miles each way + a very high estimate of 100 miles to courses/around town/El Patron), and gas costs ~$4 a gallon, we’re looking at $120 for gas. So a grand total of $730, divided by 11, or $64 a person.

2. Dodge Sprinter aka Beast Mode – This thing is a fucking monster. There is no other way to describe. Look at that thing. This seats up to 12, but has a massive 5’ x 5’ x 5’ storage area in the back that would carry all our shit, assuming none of you pack like girls, so we wouldn’t need a second car for bags and shit. This cost on this is $910 + gas. Beast Mode here gets 20 miles to the gallon and runs on straight diesel. Using the same likely incorrect math, our total on this would be $1,030, divided by 12 (since I’d ride with you guys), it’s $86 a person. I also guessed that diesel runs about the same as gas and used $4/gallon as my estimate, but I could be completely wrong there. Ian, you would make 13 on the way back, so it might be kind of a squeeze, however, since you are flying across the fucking country, you ride for free. However, this means there won’t be any special surprises waiting for you at Cobblestone. I’m completely serious about that.

Both rides are fitted with a TV, DVD player, and an iPod hook up, so I can force you to listen to listen to Kanye for 3 hours straight each way. Not that anyone but me cares, but the van has a PS2 and the Sprinter has a XBOX 360. You don’t need any special licenses to operate these either of these things. And yes Greg, I awkwardly asked the sales man, it is illegal for anyone to drink in either of these things. But as I learned on HBO’s “The Wire”, Snitch get Stitches!

Asian James & Shane, can you double check these numbers for me?

Keep in mind, these are just quotes that I got from the guy on the phone, so I can’t guarantee you that they’ll be exactly this much, but it should give you a ball park figure.  There’s probably some other taxes/fees/shit I’m leaving out.

I can’t make any reservations until May 5th, so we have two weeks to think it over. However, I need all the Chicago people to reply and it needs to be unanimous, as I said earlier, so seriously respond to me in the comments or on email. If everyone is down with this, we’ll figure it out from there. I’d be happy to put my card down on the Sprinter, but someone else would have to step up for the Van, since I wouldn’t be riding in that.

Holler at your boy!

UPDATE:  I totally fucked up that math on the Sprinter.  My Asian card has been rejected.

(400 miles traveled/20 miles per gallon times) x $4 per gallon = $80 for gas.

$910 + $80 = $990 / 12 people = $82.50 per person. 


16 thoughts on “Yo Dawg!

  1. Keith Raimondi says:

    I vote the Sprinter, this way we can all ride together. poke sticks at Jeremy’s giant head when I can’t see the TV. Make fun of Austin’s beetle juice head. Listen to Brendan’s terrible Kanye crap. (Hey kid ever hear of a little group called Led Zeppelin?). It would be fun to all go at the same time and this would ensure I don’t get lost in Caravello’s time machine mobile.

  2. Keith Raimondi says:
  3. Marty says:

    I agree with Keith. Sprinter or bust. But we might need a contingency plan for Sunday in case we can get back in time for softball (Yosh would hate to miss it).

  4. Greg Pannhausen says:

    I’m in for the Sprinter.

    Yosh – You never ask if you can do something, especially when there is a high probability that it is illegal. If actaully caught, you ask for forgiveness and play the “I didn’t know” card.

  5. Jeremy says:

    I am in for the sprinter. And am down for leaving really early if we can get everyone in on that. I promise to not go out until 4 in the morning the night before again.

  6. Rich says:

    I’m in for the Sprinter. Do the fat kids get the window seats?

  7. Ben says:

    I’m down for the sprinter, but only if it’s purple.

  8. Cahill says:

    Makes me want to drive up to Chicago just to ride over in the sprinter. Can’t wait to see that bad boy pull up to the Best Western – totally says to Kendallville – WE’VE ARRIVED.

  9. arab says:

    I’m okay with this I need a ride Friday for it anyways

  10. Austin says:

    Sprinter works as long as Danny doesn’t try to blow it up.

  11. Austin, that was the great comment in the history of this website, and maybe of the internet.

    Bryce apparently is unaware of how the comments section works, but he emailed me back to say he’s in for the Sprinter too. It’s in the hands of Mark and Shane now.

  12. Mark C says:

    I am in for the Sprinter.

    I can drive too if needed. GPS has been upgraded to Google…should be good.

    AND I am packing light….I am only bringing 3 clubs (5 iron, Sand Wedge, Putter), that will give us a little more room in the Sprinter.

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