Shots fired!!!!!!!!!

White James, don’t act like you didn’t expect this. Especially after Jeremy’s epic twitter blast on you. DAMN!

Since we are only using two scores (Friday and Saturday morning) to determine the flights for Sunday’s round, there’s probably a good chance of ties screwing things up. Mike C., being the gambling degenerate that he is, calculated the best way to settle ties. So in the case of a ties between players where flight assignment is in balance, the tie breaker will be the player’s combined score on the 4 lowest handicap holes from Cobblestone and 4 lowest handicap holes from Glen Darin Hills. If they are still tied after that, we’ll have a putt off.

I didn’t get any push back on roomies, so I’m going to proceed with the room assignments as they were posted last week. Good luck dealing with that guy who snores really loud.

In other news, Mike C. is supposedly down in Florida as we speak sharpening up his game. Did he bring those awesome golf sandals? I guess we’ll just have to wait and check the tan lines. Oh yeah and back to back to back to back tKO champ Mike R. thinks he broke his foot last night….uh oh. Does anyone have a hyperbolic chamber he can sleep in T.O. style to speed up his recovery?

Chicago tKO-ers, who is interested in playing this Sunday morning? I need to rebound from the disastrous round I just played. 0 fairways hit. Get some.


4 thoughts on “Shots fired!!!!!!!!!

  1. Mike says:

    Lucky for Rory, his fellow golfers are a lot nicer to him than we are to White James. tKO shows no mercy!!

  2. White James says:

    It is ok, even with my disasterous meltdown on Sunday, still only 2 people caught me. So just goes to show you how awful everyone else must have been. Zing! You wanna take shots I can fire back. Also, I don’t really hear the 2 people who caught me taking shots. Man, am I excited for this year.

  3. White James says:

    Not sure, brendan I can’t see your comment either.

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