Another throw back picture this week, however it does bring up some interesting questions.  Did the arrival of Baby Grace some how calm the waters of Hurricane Mike?  Could a child be the savior of Mike’s tKO V chances, some how making Grace the Kendallville Open equivalent of Jesus (after Brad Miller of course)?

In case you missed it last week, the members’ award is actually $18 instead of $15.  I actually have them in my possession and look marvelous, worth every penny.  Pay pal Mike at the email address mentioned in the previous post.  So far, the only person to have paid is the black guy.  White people, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

So the Best Western people want me to get them our rooming assignments ahead of time.  Mike and I did our best to pair you guys up based on who would combine for the least attractive offspring.  If you got a problem with your roommate, go ahead and have that awkward conversation and let me know, so I can get a finalized roster over to Kim.  If I don’t hear anything in the next week or so, I’ll assume these are good to go.

Ben / Brendan

Robinson / White James

Marty / Bryce

Indy Mark / Curt

Rich / Keith

Mundelein Mark / Greg

Jeremy / Austin

Shane / Danny

Brooks / Mike C.

Ian / Asian James


4 thoughts on “Roomates

  1. Marty says:

    I will direct all underage cart girls to the Shane/Danny Suite.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Who is the director of finance, I need to know who to submit my expenses to so I can get refunded the .82 cents?

  3. White James says:

    If the main criteria for roommate selection was least attractive offspring why are the two best looking guys in a room together? It is ok though, Mike and I can keep our hands off each other, I think…

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