20 for 20!!!

59 days out and we have official confirmations from all original 20 invitees. Nice work, fellas. The godfathers are very proud of you.

I know it’s still 2 months away and shit can pop up, but since my credit card is already down and you’ve accepted, you’re on the hook now for the $240. If for some reason you HAVE to bail and we can’t find a suitable replacement, you’re just short. Sorry, them’s the breaks.

Alright, enough of that downer stuff. From what I’ve heard, the competition for Best M.F. Dressed is going to be extremely fierce and Shane wanted me to clear some things up. Voting will be held every morning, so if you are going with just one awesome outfit and two run of the mill looks, just know that outfit is only getting you one day’s worth of votes. Best strategy? Just go with three awesome outfits like I am.

Mike R. continued his preseason tour of scoping out the competition last weekend, playing around with executive intern Bryce. They shot a 64 and 74, respectively…on a par 58. While I’m not impressed with Mike R.’s round, I do have to give Bryce some props. He had to play with Danny’s clubs. Check it out!

Don’t forget to keep tabs on the tKO NCAA Bracket Pool to find out who’s boozing for free all weekend. I hope whoever wins already has his Jalen Rose suit ready, because he’s going to be a very early draft pick for the third round scramble.


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