March Madness!

While there has been absolutely no communication with Danny except for a few random, angry, and poorly punctuated emails here and there, Marty seems to have enjoyed not giving me a straight answer on if he’s coming or not.  I see him two or three times a week and each time he refuses to commit, saying that he has time left.  Well there’s about a week left, Danny, Marty, and Ian, so if you can, pretty please, let me know what’s up.

Mike R. and I have some things in store for tKO that are pretty much going to melt your face.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep them all secret until May 20th, but easier said than done.  I will say this, you want to win your flight this year.  Trust me

We’re also going to do a tKO NCAA brackets pool.  Mike will put all the details in the comments below.

Rumor has it that Bryce and his new shoes are going down to the ATL this weekend to make a run at my season low 79 (from the ladies tee!)….and a par 58 golf course.  Good luck, Bunny!

One last thing, I’m proud to announce that tKO has partnered with CBS Sports to broadcast has this year’s Kendallville Open with Shot Tracker Technology.  mike R. was able to his hands on some leaked screen shots!!!


One thought on “March Madness!

  1. Mark C says:

    Hahaha….to fucking funny.

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