That’s wrong, Mike.

No new confirmations this week.  No word out of Marty or Danny yet, but the word around the campfire is that Ian plans on deserting his 8 month pregnant wife for the weekend.  Beast mode.  That, folks, is a man’s man.  Speaking of Ian, check your boy out!

That’s right, Ian tees off with an iron, even on par fours.  Mike said that Ian hits his sand wedge 140 yards.  I call bullshit, it’s more like 160.

Seems like game planning for the 3rd round scramble has already started.  Look for Mike R. to waste his first pick on last year’s bust of the draft, Ian, again this year!  Boom, roasted.  Actually I take that back, everyone involved with Team Asian were the busts of the year last year.  If you have any golf pictures you want posted, preferably of you hitting from the ladies tee (nice catch, White James!), send them to me and I’ll post them for all your competitors (read: haters) to see.

Rich & Keith, this week Mike takes aim at you.

Damn.  That shit is cold blooded.


One thought on “That’s wrong, Mike.

  1. Keith Raimondi says:

    Hahaha, that shit is brilliant. Obviously I helped Rich on that put.

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