2K hits?!!!1!! Best. Website. Ever.

3 spots left.

Confirmed participants (17):  Brendan, Mike R., Mike C., Brooks, Asian James, White James, Indy Mark, Curt, Jeremy, Ben, Best Dressed Greg, Keith, Rich, Austin, Bryce, Shane, and Mr. Subterranean himself, Mundelein Mark.

Danny, Marty, and Ian, just under 3 weeks before we’re going to start reaching out.  Marty, I’ll be especially upset if you bail this year, since you ruined this tournament by forcing our hand and making round 3 a scramble.  I will never forgive you.

Here’s Robinson’s latest piece of work.  I’m not above laughing at myself….

…however, here’s where I played this Monday.  That would be a GIR and 3 putt for bogey.

I suck.

If you guys have any pictures of yourself working on your game, send them my way and I’ll throw them up on the blog.  Your competition needs to know.  No Favre pics please.

I’m kind of undermining our resident tech nerds, Ben and Sub-Mark, but there’s a cool app for the iPhone to track how bad at golf you really are.  It’s called “Golfshot”, keeps your GIRs, fairways hit, putts, etc.  I’m not sure if it’s on the Droid or Blackberry, if anyone still uses those things, but I used it to analyze my recent 101 stroke round.   You guys are dead meat.


3 thoughts on “2K hits?!!!1!! Best. Website. Ever.

  1. Brooks Brenkus says:


  2. Mike says:

    I can’t help but notice…it appears that you’re playing from the RED tees!!

  3. White James says:

    Dang it Mike! I was just going to say that! He also mentioned he shot a 101 from there, yet he is talking smack to me.

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