89 days and counting.

Another invite was officially accepted yesterday, February 18th, as special adviser to the board, Shane, committed to tKO V.  Bringing our total up to 16.

Confirmed participants (16):  Brendan, Mike R., Mike C., Brooks, Asian James, White James, Indy Mark, Curt, Jeremy, Ben, Best Dressed Greg, Keith, Rich, Austin, Bryce, Shane.

Only 4 golden tickets are still in circulation.  Ian, Marty, Danny, and Mundelein Mark, holler at your boy when you know what’s up.  At 60 days, we’re going to start reaching out to our extensive waiting list to fill up the spots.

The trip is now booked, with my credit card holding down the reservation, so no last second bailing, unless you want me to go upside your car with a 9 iron Elin Nordegen style.  I’m talking to you, BROOKS.

Speaking of Brooks, he’s the subject of Mike’s next piece of work.  An oldie but goldie.

Keep checking the site, as exciting news is breaking daily!


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