i got the magic

Big things going over here today.

Through the magic of Photoshop Rich and Keith were able to join us for the group picture last year.  Flawless victory, Keith.

Mike C. also wanted me to remind of you about the no-limit Texas hold’em poker tournament on Friday night in the Bixler room.  $20 buy in for those of you interested in losing your money to Mike, who is definitely cheating some how.

We got a couple more confirmations in since the last post.

Confirmed participants (15):  Brendan, Mike R., Mike C., Brooks, Asian James, White James, Indy Mark, Curt, Jeremy, Ben, Best Dressed Greg, Keith, Rich, Austin, Bryce.

Email me when you know if you’re in.  Once we’re 60 days out we’ll start contacting our alternates to fill up any open spots.

Look for Mike’s latest masterpiece later this week.


One thought on “i got the magic

  1. Keith Raimondi says:

    I had to borrow Marty’s leg for me because the image I clipped Rich and myself out of didn’t have the bottom half.

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