Protect Ya Neck

The official tKO logo was completed by Art director Keith R. today and approved unanimously by the board with flying colors.  Behold!!!

Feel free to tattoo it to your neck like Deshawn Stephenson.

I also confirmed all of our tee times this morning with Kim, here’s the details if you need to coordinate your outfits with the sun’s position in the sky.

20 golfers
10 double queen non-smoking guestrooms
Arrival date: Friday May 20,2011
Length of stay:2 nights

Tee times:
Fri.  May 20    Cobblestone     1:32pm     (18 holes)
Sat. May 21    Glendarin Hills      8am  &  1:30 pm      (36 holes)

Sun May 22    Noble Hawk        8am          (18 Holes )

Bixler Room reserved Friday night (for poker tournament).

Based on double occupancy each person will pay $238.60 which includes 4 rounds of golf, cart fees, taxes, 2 night lodging and our hot deluxe breakfast bar.

Tack on another $10 for this year’s Members’ Award and $20 bucks for your entry fee, and that should cover just about everything outside of booze and food (~$10,000,000).  This year’s Members’ Award will be presented after individual best dressed voting is completed prior to Friday’s round.

Confirmed Participants (11):  Brendan, Mike R., Mike C., Brooks, Asian James, White James, Indy Mark, Curt, Jeremy, Ben, Greg

Remember to email me (brendan dot yoshimoto at gmail dot com) once you know if you’re in or out, the sooner, the better.  And subscribe to the site, as Mike R. and I have a lot more announcements to make between now and May 20th.

With no further adieu, it gives me swells my heart with pride to unveil Mike R.’s first masterpiece.  A new work of art will be released every couple days between now and the kick off.  To quote Mike R., “everyone is in the crosshairs”, and you might be next.


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