While the party bus I mentioned in the previous post received an overwhelming amount of support, especially from the Anonymouses, I have some bad news. It looks like we won’t be able to do it. BECAUSE GREG IS A TRANSPORTATION GOD!!!!


I have no idea how he did it, but somehow Greg was able to find a second charter bus company in the greater Northeast Indiana area. AND FOR HALF THE COST. I would post our entire email correspondence, but I know the Anonymouses are busy so I’ll just include the highlights:

I was just talking with a few co-workers about it to see if they thought it was a scam.  They seem legit.  I guess the only thing we have to worry about is the fuel surcharge, but gas prices should stay low for the year.  Oh and worrying about them actually picking us up. I feel like they are going to be really cool on the way there, then on the way home, they are going to stop the bus in a field and rob us of our clubs and money.

I even googled their location to see if there were buses there:


So this is going to run about $30/person, and again it’s only for Saturday’s transportation. I just went ahead and reserved it, but if you have an issue with this added cost, no problem, it’s not mandatory. We’ll just split the total evenly across however many people opt for the ride.

Not only did Greg just save everyone $30 (which we should all use to get Greg ‘Greg Drunk’ during the scramble), he also made perhaps the greatest tKO suggestion since Mike R. twisted my arm into doing the scramble five years ago. Check it.

We should have everyone sign a ball, except the 6 scramble captains.  Take all the balls and throw them into the deep end of the pool.  Have a countdown so that all the captains have to jump into the pool at the same time and pick their scramble team.   I can see Danny punching people underwater or a few of the guys not being able to hold their breath long enough to get a ball. It would be quick and hilarious…for those of us that aren’t captains. I don’t know if they should all go in at once or each dives down separately.  The first way is more fun, but the second way is more humiliating, which seems more up our alley.

If Greg isn’t the top pick in the Wilson v Robinson draft for locker room chemistry alone, then we’ll know that we’re dealing with a Browns fan and Lions fan here.